Rebellion and Possibility: Voices in the Anti-ICE Struggle Vol. II – R


Note: A slightly different version of this post originally appeared on It’s Going Down.

As ICE’s brutality continues to shatter lives, we continue to document the struggle to abolish the institution.

We’ve compiled more stories of radical struggle against ICE, the border patrol, and the police; documenting the different tactics, successes, and philosophies from around the country.

We would like to thank the all of the contributors for each article that we’ve compiled, and the websites that originally published those writings and from which they were borrowed.

Again, this volume, like the first, is only one very limited snapshot of the vast anti-ICE uprising, which developed powerful expressions in many more than the few cities represented here.

If you missed it, Volume 1 can be found here.



  1. […] So it’s no surprise that the most militant and powerful anticapitalist struggles today tend to be broadly anarchistic: against cops, against patriarchy, against prisons, against borders, against fascism.  In other words, these struggles are developing an anticapitalism that is also fundamentally against the state.  Such revolts are hardly new—they have roots stretching back decades and longer.  But they are surging in power to challenge the more naked authoritarianism that marks capitalist development today.  Their power was on display in the Occupy ICE movement, in which many anarchistic struggles converged (see RED’s compilation of writings coming out of that movement: vol. 1 here, vol. 2 here.). […]


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